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Use interactive map of Ireland to discover where green lab practices are being encouraged and introduced in Irish labs. Some of the labs listed are also pursuing green lab certification programmes, details of which can be found via site URLs.
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University of Galway


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Apoptosis Research Centre
(URL not working at present)
Applied Ecology
Biomedical Engineering
Carbohydrate Signalling Group
(No URL / website)
Centre for Ocean Research and Exploration (COREx) 
Chromosome Biology
Lambe Institute for Translational Research 
Microbial Ecology Lab
Molecular Parasitology
Pharmacology Labs

Critical Care Research

Schlosser Group

• Pharmacology Teaching Lab
• Pharmacology Research Labs
• Physiology Research Labs

Chemistry Teaching Labs
• Organic
• Inorganic
• 1st year

3rd-year Teaching Lab

Biochemistry Teaching Lab

1st year Biology Teaching lab

Ryan Institute

• Prep Lab
• Containment Lab
• Document Lab
• Microscopy

Molecular Evolution & Systematics

Geofluids Research Group

Physics Teaching Labs x 5

Biosciences Core Facility

Engineering -Alice Perry Building

Design & Build Mechanial Workshop

Soils & Concrete Civil Labs
Soils -ENG-G006

Concrete- ENG-G007

Wet Soils Lab -ENG-G008

Thermal Analysis/Materials Testing Lab- ENG-G009

Thermodynamics Lab (ENG-G011)

Advanced Manufacturing Lab (Mech / Industrial)-ENG-G012

Fluids & Hydraulics / Tidal Basin Labs-ENG-G024

Heavy Structures Lab-ENG-G030

Timber Lab-ENG-G032

Materials Lab (Mechanical)-G034

Machine Control \ Light Structures \ Pneumatic Lab (Electronic \ Civil \ Mechanical)-G037

Biomedical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering-ENG-O42

Biomedical Engineering Lab-ENG-1002

Biomedical Eng. Labs-ENG-2005, 2006, 2011

Human Performance Lab (Electronic \ Biomedical)-ENG-1001

General Purpose Labs (All Enginering)

Environmental Engineering Analysis and Reactors (Civil), ENG-1005

Environmental Engineering-ENG-1006

Electronic Engineering Labs-ENG-3001, ENG-3002, ENG-3003, ENG-3004, ENG-3005, ENG-3006, ENG-3007, ENG-3014.