Cross-Cutting Themes


Climate Change in the Irish Mind

• Infographic
• Summary
• Full report

More details on the EPA website

George Mason University Centre for Climate Change Communication

Irish Environmental Network

Climate Outreach

The Environmental Pillar

Talk like a human

Lessons on how to communicate climate change


SEAI Energy Academy

• Free -but requires sign-up to access.
• New module in 2021 focusing on energy in labs.

Irish Waste Management Association



SEAI monitoring and reporting for public sector organisations

• Can search info on any organisation


NUIG Sustainability Strategy

• Governance & Leadership 2025 Target – all labs green lab certified (see p37).

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Education Procurement Services

EPA: Green Public Procurement

• Guidance for the Public Sector

Psychology & Sociology

EPA-Research 329:

• Encouraging Environmentally Friendly Behaviour with Insights from Behavioural Economics.

EPA-Research 238:

• Identifying, Reviewing and Testing the Factors that Drive the Sustainable Behaviour and Transition of Communities, Groups and Individuals

• Authors: Vincent Carragher and Sarah McCormack

The Psychology of Climate
Action and Inaction

• Talk given by Dr Robert Gifford in Dublin in 2013
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Dragons of Inaction (diagnose your own….)
Dragons of inaction flashcards

The Climate Psychology Alliance

Research 138: CONSENSUS: Consumption, Environment and Sustainability