NUIG’s lab greening journey began in 2019, when the CÚRAM lab pursued the green lab certification programme offered by My Green Lab. CÚRAM is the Centre of Research on Medical Devices and the lab in Galway can accommodate up to 60 multidisciplinary researchers in an 11-bay, open lab. Special-purpose rooms include cold rooms, tissue culture suites, cryogenic storage, chemistry, microscopy, manipulation, prep room. Sample interventions within each of the categories assessed are summarised in graphic below. See also CÚRAM Green Team members and the images of the instruction placed on fume hood sash and sample equipment sticker.

CÚRAM Green Team 2019

In November 2019, Alison Paradise, founder and CEO of My Green Lab travelled to Galway to review the lab and to present the Green Lab Certificate to CÚRAM researchers. Click here to view short movie documenting this achievement.

Since then, CÚRAM has collaborated with Irish Manufacturing Research in an SFI-funded ‘Plastics Challenge’ project (Jan-March 2021), which focused on quantifying and ruducing single-use lab plastic products in Ireland.

For further information, contact Dr Una FitzGerald, irishgreenlabs@universityofgalway.ie.