About Irish Green Labs

IGL is an open and transparent network that all are welcome to join.  IGL does not assess or endorse any of the practices being undertaken in member laboratories.  It is a platform to share case studies and best practice in the operation and management of laboratories seeking to reduce their environmental impacts.

Irish Green Labs was established in July 2021, growing out of SEAI’s Working Group for Public Sector Labs. The SEAI group has been meeting since 2018, with the aim of assisting public sector labs to optimise their energy management systems. The group evolved to include targeted actions combatting any negative impact that laboratory activities could have on the environment. Irish Green Labs climate actions now fall under the four pillars of Energy, Plastic, Chemistry and Water


Our central aim is to minimise the negative impact that Irish laboratory work has on the environment.


To provide an open, transparent platform for Irish lab workers wishing to adopt more sustainable practices.


The activities of the network will be delivered through 4 pillars:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Chemistry


We are a collaborative, transparent and supportive network that seeks to achieve our mission through sharing of expertise, resources and global networks with each other and with new members that share the IGL ethos. To achieve our mission, it is expected that existing and new members work together through regular meeting attendance, participation in lab and environment-focused events and where possible, support collaborative studies and training initiatives within the network.

About Our Logo

The Irish Green Labs logo was designed by CÚRAM green team member and talented graphic designer, Mr Maciej Doczyk. To learn more about Maciej, visit his linkedin page.
About the Irish Green Labs logo:


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Irish Green Labs


A Red-Letter Day for Irish Green Labs as SFI Includes Green Lab Certification in its Climate Action Strategy for 2024-2027!

In what we believe will prove to be a hugely significant event for the IGL community, on October19th, Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) launched its Climate Action Strategy for 2024-2027. The strategy is built around three pillars: 1) Funding Excellent Research that will Shape a Sustainable Future; 2) Moving Knowledge and Talent through our Society and Economy; and 3) Conducting Research and Related Activities Sustainably. …


A voluntary collective of lab professionals has formed an all-island network called Irish Green labs. Their shared ambition is to minimise the negative impact that laboratories on the island are known to be having on the environment. All sectors of society are dependent on laboratory services. Similar to data centres, laboratories use constant and significant amounts of energy …


Every year, the EU emits 13.4 Mt of CO2 solely from plastic production, with 99% of all plastics being produced from fossil fuel sources, while those that are produced from renewable sources use food products as feedstocks. In 2019, 29 Mt of plastic waste was collected in Europe. It is estimated that 32% was recycled, 43% was incinerated and 25% was sent to …


Congratulations to staff in the Marine Institute on the publication of their research article last month in the Public Library of Science Sustainability and Transformation journal. The paper, entitled “Reducing environmental impacts of marine biotoxin monitoring: A laboratory report” provides details of specific interventions applied to single-use plastics …

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