IGL Netowrk Meetings

International non-profit My Green Lab, and University College London-based Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) are currently the only entities worldwide to offer a green lab certification programme. Both require the assessment of baseline and improved sustainable practices within labs over an extended period.

Note: Irish Green Labs has negotiated a discounted certification price/lab for members of Irish Green Labs.

An international standard that encourages sustainable practices within labs has not yet been published. However, the implementation of more sustainable practices within labs will align with and supplement organisation-level efforts at maintaining ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) standards.

Irish Green Labs recognises that not all laboratories will be in a position to sign up to certification programmes. Whether or not your lab is engaged in the certification process, we strongly encourage lab-associated staff to join the IGL network in order to access support and encouragement from like-minded individuals. Please share your stories of lab greening, which could be featured as a ‘Case Study’ or IGL news item.

Click on links below to access more information on green lab certification programmes: